Key project personnel

Principal Investigators

Hippolite O. Amadi (PhD DIC MNSE MIMechE)

Hippolite is Professor of Medical Technology at Imo State University Nigeria and Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Bioengineering of Imperial College London. He has over 15 years’ experience in design of frugal medical solutions for resource constrained settings. The present project is proposed to build on the exploits of his existing nationwide projects in which he has collaboratively researched, validated, developed and implemented a series of simplified devices and procedures for promoting better survival rate among neonates at Nigerian referral centers. The project, in its 15th year as at 2016, has at various times or at present enjoyed the collaboration of paediatrics practitioners at the Special Care Baby Units (SCBUs) of up to 20 Tertiary Hospitals across the entire landscape of Nigeria where Hippolite has at various times held or currently holds the position of a visiting consultant. The average facility-based neonatal mortality across these hospitals has thus been reduced by 55% as at 2014, from 254/1000 presentating neonates at the inception of project to 114/1000 by 2014.   More information from and


Professor Anthony Bull (PhD DIC FIMechE FREng)

Head of the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College London.

Anthony is a bioengineer/researcher who has designed and coordinated several projects related to frugal medical devices. He is the principal supervisor of any joint/collaborative work with Imperial College London with the responsibility to manage any available grants. He also supports both the students’ coursework and assessment of fieldwork outcomes. More information about Anthony’s other researches and academic activities can be found at


Allied Medical Consultants/Investigators

Eyinade K Olateju (MBBS FWACP)

Eyinade is a Consultant Neonatalogist and the immediate past Head of Paediatrics Department of University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Nigeria. Eyinade is an active collaborator in our previous researches. She provides her expertise in clinical neonatology and field training of participating local midwives/villagers.


Akin A Osibogun (MPH, FMCPH, FWACP, FRSPH)

Prof Osibogun is the immediate past Chief Medical Director of Lagos University Teaching Hospital. A Professor of Public Health and Epidemiology, Akin has a long experience in health management and in designing research methodology for public health investigations. He supports the design of our investigations and analyses of field outcomes.


Mohammed B Kawuwa (FWACS FICS)

Dr Mohammed Kawuwa is presently the Honourable Commissioner for Health in Yobe State of Nigeria. He is the immediate-past Chief Medical Director of Federal Medical Centre Nguru. A consultant Obstetrics Surgeon and Associate Professor, Mohammed has many years of experience on postnatal supportive care, medical research and administration. He has been a long standing co-researcher in our previous works and the 2nd key player for the research and development of systems to address neonatal evening fever-syndrome (EFS). Mohammed is involved in PHC assessments, systems set-up, students’ recruitment and field clinical training in the present project.


Felicia Nwanesindu (CNO)

Felicia is a Chief Neonatal Nursing officer with many years of experience at the Federal Medical Centre Owerri Nigeria. She received the 2013 NCL National award as the Ward Manager of Nigeria’s overall best Special-care-baby-unit. Felicia plays a key role in the regular training of midwives/nursing assistants at the various community health Centres being studied.



Fredrick Anolue (FWACS FICS)

Dr Anolue belongs to the Department of Obstetrics/Gynaecology at Imo State University Teaching Hospital (IMSUTH) Nigeria. Presently the Chief Medical Director of IMSUTH, Fredrick is a consultant Obstetrics Surgeon with many years of experience on clinical research and medical administration . He was involved in the recent WHO collaborative study on maternal mortality and near-miss across federal and state tertiary health in Nigeria.


Chukwuma O Ohadugha (BmBch FWACS FMCS mpa dmp)

Dr Ohadugha is the Head of Department of Anatomy/Neurobiology at the College of Medicine of Imo State University Nigeria and previously the Chief Medical Director of the Federal Medical Centre FMC Owerri. Chukwuma is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, medical administrator and collaborator/co-author of our earlier research publications. He provides administrative training of the rural-based PHC health attendants in addition to research students’ fieldwork co-supervision.


Julius O Onyeka (PhD MNSE COREN)

Julius is an Associate Professor of Structural Engineering and the Dean of Engineering of Imo State University, Nigeria. He oversees the recruitment of research students for our present collaborative projects. He also co-supervises students’ fieldwork and installation/maintenance of the medical systems at our research centres.